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PCA Services

PCA services are for people who need help with day-to-day assistance in meeting their personal needs. With help from a Personal Care Assistant (PCA), people can live independently in their homes. Those eligible for PCA services must require it for medical reasons. They must also be able to make decisions about their care, or have a responsible party who can make decisions on their behalf.
The Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Program, administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, is a program designed to help older adults and persons with disabilities with their non-medical health related needs while staying in their own homes and communities rather than in a care facility.

PCA Services are available to individuals of all ages with special health care needs and are a paid benefit under Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare.

To be eligible for PCA Services you must:

  1. Live in Minnesota;
  2. Be eligible to receive Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare;
  3. Be able to make decisions about your own care or have someone who can make decisions for you; and
  4. Meet with a Public Health Nurse from your county to have a PCA assessment, and
  5. Need “constant” supervision or “hands on assistance to complete at least 1 ADL or have Level 1 Behavior.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Contact us so we can determine your program eligibility;
  2. We will then refer you to the appropriate agency to request a PCA assessment;
  3. We train and hire the caregiver of your choice;
  4. At the assessment a nurse will determine how many hours of service you are eligible to receive; and then
  5. Services begin with the PCA of your choice.

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